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Centralize all resources and streamline communication between the Hotel and guests easily and efficiently

Tareas Clouest


Centralize all the management of housekeeping services, such as amenities control, room status checks, etc.

Objetos perdidos

Lost & Found

Obtain a detailed record of the process and status of all items lost in your hotel since detection to delivery.

Tareas Clouest


Access Easily to all your guests information: reservation history, incidents, special requests, protocols according to nationality, etc.

Clouest Planning / Welcomes / Regcards


Access the planning to assign the rooms, send Welcomes, Regcards, etc. and save paper printing while reducing the environmental footprint.

Tareas Clouest


Get an overview of the current status of your hotel rooms for better daily planning.

The benefits of Clouest


The daily management of hotel companies has never been so easy to configure the application according to any hotel structure, chain or hotel group.

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Customize and adapt our application to the image and characteristics of your brand and have the adaptation to any requirement or need you may have.

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High availability

At Clouest we guarantee that you can work without interruptions thanks to our High Availability Server Cluster System and our Redundant Load balancing system, all in the best data centers in Europe.

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