Turn any phone or tablet into the personal assistant with the Clouest mobile app.

Download our application in the App Store and Google Play versions to have all the features updated.

iPhone & iPad

Version v1.1

Phone & Tablet

Version v1.2

Do not have devices in your hotel?

If you wish, at Clouest we advise you on obtaining, compatibility and availability of any device or accessory that may be appropriate to your needs.

From a Smartphone to a SmartTV, through vertical or advertising totems and specialized or personalized support for reception, room tickets or Housekeepers carts.

Just tell us your concerns and we will try to meet your needs.


We offer you the possibility of a lease agreement at a fixed price and term that allows you to adapt the contracted equipment to your needs.

  • Possibility of incorporating different equipment
  • Contractual agility in the incorporation and / or removal of equipment
  • Expert support in your decisions
  • Installation of all products
  • Technical and logistics management in the renovation
  • Possibility of renewal and replacement of equipment