Access easily to all the information of your guests.

Tareas Clouest

Better service, greater satisfaction

With all the information centralized you can anticipate and offer a more personalized service. Your guests will have a better experience and therefore increase their loyalty.

All the information of your guests at one click

You can access the reservation history of each guest, tastes, preferences, complaints, contracted services … and use the data to improve their previous stay, send personalized messages of their interest, etc.

Clouest incidencias Dashboard

Clouest staff

Different permissions for different roles

Different users may have different roles, independent or cumulative depending on the degree of involvement or responsibility they should have in each case.

  • Básico

    Sólo consulta

  • Gestor

    Podrá consultar y modificar datos de los huéspedes.

  • Configurador

    Configura y gestiona las categorías de los huéspedes, los perfiles por países y las plantillas de peticiones especiales.

It adapts to any device

Configure and control CLOUEST from anywhere, using mobile applications or from any computer. Being out of the office is no longer a problem!

Clouest Adaptativo

And also…

  • Languages

    We adapt to any necessary language, there are no limits.

  • No data limit

    Photos, documentation, text, … there are no information limits.

  • Log and Security

    Record of all modifications made. Daily backups and multiserver with high availability in the cloud.