Guest Management, relations & facilities.

Arrange and manage, in real time, all the information of your guests and gain satisfaction and loyalty by offering a more agile and efficient service.

Loyalty customer return, increasing profits.

Guest Welcome

Guest Welcome

  • Fast Check-in
  • Express Check-out
  • Entry Registers (RegCards)
  • Acceptance LOPD/GPDR

Streamline the process of arrival of your guest, having the previous information and details, with the signature digitalization and personal data. With the registration of the credit card at the entrances, you can obtain prior confirmation of charges and extras of the establishment.

Transfers & Mobility

Transfers & mobility

  • Arrivals and departures control
  • Transfer reservation and management
  • Vehicles control
  • VIP arrivals notice

Have information in real time of the arrival of your guests through integration with airlines, transfers or by proximity control, as well as the management and control related to parking and vehicles of the guests.

Guest Profile & Petitions

Guest profile & petitions

  • Protocols and quality standards
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Preferences and personal requests
  • Considerations

Anticipate the needs of your guests and have the most important information to offer you an unforgettable experience, avoiding any inconvenience or inconvenience.

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Guest relations

  • Conclight Management
  • Reservation History
  • Incident registration and control
  • Satisfaction surveys

Take care and pamper the relationship with your customers.

Know first-hand the degree of satisfaction of your guests or the possible incidents that may occur, anticipating its solution and improving the user experience.

Historial de los huéspedes: reservas, Conciernes, incidencias, encuestas de satisfacción, ...

Guest integrations

  • Validation of personal data in Cardex
  • Integration with online platforms
  • Reservations digitalization
  • Checking digital reservations

Integrate and validate your guest information and reservation details from a single management point.

Maximize the opportunities that technology offers you today.

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Facilities & Services

  • Room Services Management
  • Guest requests
  • Interactive services letter
  • Hotel map and directory

Optimize, streamline and modernize the service you want to offer your guests from any device, minimizing the use of physical resources.

Unify and validate from a single point all the charges and requests of your guests.

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