Hotel Management & facilities.

Earn time and money with control of all hotel services in one click, managing resources in a more sustainable and efficient way.

Environment & CSR

Environment & RSC

  • Digitization of services
  • Digital repository of reservations and charges
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Less waste generation

Actively contribute to the preservation and environmental contribution policies, avoiding unnecessary impressions and offering a greater and better interactive experience.

Services Digitalization

Digitization of services

  • Hotel Directory
  • Interactive charts
  • Real-time charges
  • Hotel map

Digitize all the services and requests of your hotel, maximizing the management time and saving operating costs and physical resources available.

Hotel Management

Hotel management

  • Booking Plan & Forecast
  • Room Plan
  • Reservation and cancellation control
  • No Shows & WalkIns

Manage the day to day of your hotel, having all the information in real time related to the forecasts of reservations and arrivals, as well as the control of the state of your hotel and unforeseen situations.

Corporate Management

Corporate management

  • Cost control
  • Credit control
  • Revenue Assistant
  • Anti-fraud systems

Get more peace of mind thanks to the supervision of your reservations and the notifications of economic-productive control of your establishment as charges pending receipt … and have greater security to prevent possible fraud.

External Services

External services

  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Thirdparty services
  • Staff

Optimally manage your relationships with external suppliers, as well as the services performed or scheduled for your establishment and for your guests.

Check pending charges and payments.


  • Booking Engines
  • Reviews and satisfaction surveys
  • Social networks
  • PMS, CRM, ERP systems ...
  • Custom integrations / Under petition

Integrate and centralize in a single point all the information and actions related to your customers, your reservations and your satisfaction.

Thanks to our versatility, adaptability and continuous development, we can study the integration with any solution that your company requires.

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