Staff Management & Control.

The efficiency and control in the management of daily tasks will help you improve the performance of the staff and speed up communication between all departments.

Optimize staff performance by improving and speeding up communication.

Agilización HouseKeeping, Room Plan, Room Status, reparaciones y mantenimiento

Room Management

  • HouseKeeping management with distribution of tasks and times
  • RoomRack Management (Status, DND, OOS)
  • Maintenance Management
  • Room Plan & Booking

Streamline, simplify and centralize all housekeeping service management, amenities control, condition checks, room preparation and service, Do Not Disturb indications and repairs or maintenance.

Corbatas de desayunos, Room Service, registro de cargos

Room Services

  • Recording and digital signature of consumption charges
  • Services reservation and management
  • Breakfast Ties Control
  • Availability and reservation of additional services

Simplify the requests and management of room services, service reservations such as the SPA and Wellness, etc.

Have a multimedia and multilanguage menu so you can offer your services to your guests in a more agile, visual and interactive way.

Products Management

Products Manager

  • Minibar Manager
  • Stock Control
  • Expiration Date Notices
  • Consumer forecasts and replenishment recommendations

Control the consumption and usability of your hotel’s products with replacement or expiration, from refrigerated items to amenities or risk products with restricted use.

Value the preferences of your guests and maximize your income.

Tasks & Reports

Tasks & Reports

  • Task and incident management
  • Shift and task checklists
  • Reports and corporate news
  • Audit notices and mystery

Maximize work shifts by speeding up the management of tasks and working hours, as well as communication and integration between departments to optimize the actions of their workers and collaborators.

Labor management

Labor management

  • Worker management
  • Time and day control
  • Tips and incentives
  • Interdepartmental communications

Optimally manage your labor relations, centralizing and managing all the tasks related to your workers, providing them with easy and agile access for your personal inquiries and consultations.

Documents control

Documentary control

  • Documentation Repository
  • Process and procedure guides
  • Legal and legal documents
  • Charge Validation

Have a point of consultation and archiving of all the documentation, protocols and procedures of your company to streamline and centralize all the processes of daily operations.

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