Incidents and complaints

Streamline, simplify and centralize all information on a single platform.

Clouest speeds up all the incidents of the Hotel and creates OPPORTUNITIES

Clouest allows you to manage all incidents comprehensively. Having all the information and control on a single platform will allow you to make the best decisions.


The dashboard offers a clear and schematic overview of how many incidents there are at each moment, which departments it affects and the resolution status in which they are.

Clouest incidencias Dashboard
Clouest staff

Different permissions for different roles

Different users may have different roles, independent or cumulative depending on the degree of involvement or responsibility they should have in each case.

  • Editor

    Crea la incidencia.

  • Gestor

    Gestiona y asigna las incidencias a la persona/s o departamento/s que corresponda.

  • Básico

    Recibe la asignación de la incidencia para llevar a cabo la acción para solucionarla.

  • Supervisor

    Realiza el seguimiento.

  • Configurador

    Configura y gestiona las categorías y plantillas de todas las incidencias.

The best assignment module

You can make the assignments to the departments or users of the staff that are involved (maintenance, computing, cleaning, Food & Beverage …) with the possibility of:

Phases in incident management

1- Register

Guest status
Compensation and cost


Hotel Division
User ‘staff’

3- Notification

Automatic alerts

4- Resolution

Resolution time
Validation by the supervisor

5- Conclusions

Priorities and categories


The graphs and statistics will show you real data that occurred in a specific period of time. You can see at a glance which departments and causes generate more claims and involve more compensation costs.
With all the information it will be easier to draw conclusions and make the best decisions.

  • ¿Cuándo?

    La gráfica mostrará qué fecha en concreto ocurrió la incidencia

  • ¿Dónde?

    Las distintas categorías le mostrarán qué departamentos están generando más incidencias.

  • ¿Quién?

    Podrá saber qué usuario staff creó la incidencia para un mejor control y seguimiento.

  • Estados

    Podrá ver el volumen de incidencias por asignar, en curso, completadas o cerradas.

  • Prioridades

    Podrá ver qué nivel de urgencia o relevancia tienen las incidencias generadas.

It adapts to any device

Configure and control CLOUEST from anywhere, using mobile applications or from any computer. Being out of the office is no longer a problem!

Clouest Adaptativo

And also…

  • Languages

    We adapt to any necessary language, there are no limits.

  • No data limit

    Photos, documentation, text, … there are no information limits.

  • Statistics

    Filters of ranges of dates and working environment (Corporate, Hotel and Hotel Division).

  • Security

    Daily backups and multiserver with high availability in the cloud.

  • Comments

    The team may have their own comment thread by incident.

  • Log

    Record of all modifications made.