Customize and schedule and times of the ads will be shown to your guests.

Advertising has never been so easy!

You can decide where and when to show your ads, so that they appear on advertising devices, giant screens or totems located strategically focusing better your target audience.

  • ¿Qué?

    Elija qué y cómo quiere publicar sus anuncios a partir de una plantilla profesional, sus fotografías o un video.

  • ¿Dónde?

    Seleccione las pantallas publicitarias que más le interese.

  • ¿Cuando?

    Programe el anuncio a publicar de forma puntual o recurrente en el tiempo.

Management of advertising screens

You can quickly check the status of your advertising screens and activate or deactivate them remotely from anywhere in the world.

You can comfortably assign the availability of your advertising screens according to your strategic location, periods of greater influx, schedules, …

  • Anuncios por defecto

    Programe los anuncios que desea presentar por defecto en las pantallas publicitarias cuando no tenga contenido programado para mostrar.

  • Vinculación salas de reuniones

    Vincule el módulo de marketing con el módulo de salas de reuniones.

  • Idioma preferido

    Predetermine el idioma de los anuncios a presentar.

  • Ubicación

    Geolocalice las pantallas publicitarias para una mejor gestión.

  • Estadísticas

    Estadísticas del rendimiento de las pantalla publicitarias, cronogramas de capacidad, resultados de rendimiento, …

Disponibilidad de pantallas publicitarias
Pantalla publicitaria

Smart ad management

You can program in detail or in bulk the ads on the advertising screens and know all the statistical details with the publication control.

  • Anuncios exclusivos

    Vincule un anuncio para agilizar un evento, como una mapa de mesas y comensales para una boda, el directorio hotelero, …

  • Códigos QR

    Con el código QR presentado en la pantalla publicitaria, los huéspedes podrán acceder a más información de los anuncios publicados.

  • Diferentes formatos

    Podrá publicar fotografías, videos o una de nuestras plantillas profesionales y 100% adaptables.

  • Estadíticas

    Control por rangos de fechas de las visualizaciones por horas, estimaciones de publicación, publicaciones reales, …

Creation and content bank

You will have multiple options and elements that will allow you to make endless design combinations to create your ads.

  • Animated templates
  • Photos and videos
  • Icons and design elements
  • Weather information according to geographic location
  • News from the main newspapers RSS
  • Social Networks Widgets
Clouest Design Template
+ 2.400

design elements


of images and videos in stock

+ 3.000


+ 1.600

animation effects

Application examples

Welcome & Regcard

Welcome with personalized publications with the guest’s language while waiting for his CheckIn process.

Introduction and digital signature of the guest file.

Room services & facilities

Offer access and visualization of all hotel services, guides and use recommendations or room services requests.

Interact in an active and effective way, adapting messages and screens according to the screen format, preferences and language of your guest.

Customize the appearance of the devices according to the needs of your client.

Resources and services dynamization

  • Custom welcome messages
  • Device advertising control
  • Upsellings
  • Cross-sellings
  • Enrollments
  • Additional or external activities
  • Device Customization
  • Service menus (F&B, SPA, Wellness, …)
  • Hotel Directory

Event Customization

  • Corporate image (events, conventions and congresses)
  • Welcomes and custom Regcards
  • Space signage

Multi-device adaptation

  • Totems, tablets, tv.
  • Screens of any format.

And also…

  • Languages

    We adapt to any necessary language, there are no limits.

  • No data limit

    Photos, documentation, text, … there are no information limits.

  • Statistics

    Performance, histories, schedules, …

  • Security

    Daily backups and multiserver with high availability in the cloud.

  • Log

    Record of all modifications made.

  • APP adaptable

    It adapts to all types of devices and screens.